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March/April 2008

New Standard Provides Sulfur Test

A new ASTM International standard will provide a reliable means to measure the sulfur content of aromatic hydrocarbon process streams and products at or below one part per million. Subcommittee D16.04 on Instrumental Analysis, under the jurisdiction of Committee D16 on Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals, developed the new standard, D 7183, Test Method for Determination of Total Sulfur in Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Related Chemicals by Ultraviolet Fluorescence.

D 7183 can be used by petroleum refineries and petrochemical process plants that deal with aromatic hydrocarbons and related materials as feedstocks, intermediates or finished products to determine trace amounts of sulfur in finished products and for regulatory control purposes.

Representatives of the petroleum and petrochemical industries who have knowledge of relevant processes and/or related laboratory analyses are particularly encouraged to join Subcommittee D16.04.


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