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March/April 2008

Proposed New Standard to Focus on Skylight Safety

skylightSubcommittee E06.51 on Performance of Windows, Doors, Skylights and Curtain Walls, part of ASTM International Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings, has formed a new task group to address skylights in a proposed standard, WK17797, Human Impact on Commercial Skylights. The proposed new standard will be used to develop, formulate and improve standard methods of tests that simulate falls of persons onto skylights and smoke vents for human impact resistance under natural conditions of exposure and to provide information for code and standards officials on which performance standards can be established.

According to J. Nigel Ellis, an E06 member and president, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, the purpose of WK17797 is to bring together the skylight glass panel, plastic domes (bubble) and metal buildings industries, along with other specialized industries whose products let light into buildings and are located in areas where these or other building features need maintenance.

“The proposed standard is meant to be a test method that the industry agrees will provide an adequate test for skylights to protect roof construction and maintenance workers from human impact fall-through, over an aging period that is yet to be decided,” says Ellis, who notes that government regulators in agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and building code administrators, would be likely users of WK17797.

Ellis encourages all those who have interest to become involved in the continuing development
of WK17797.


Technical Information: J. Nigel Ellis, Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, Wilmington, Del.

Phone: 302/571-8470 ext. 21

ASTM Staff: Stephen Mawn

Phone: 610/832-9726