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March/April 2008

ASTM Committee F40: Creating Standards to Support Industry

In 2005, in response to the changing global regulatory climate regarding product material restrictions and documentation, ASTM International Committee F40 on Declarable Substances in Materials started developing standards to help guide industry in meeting new requirements. Their work has resulted in helpful tools:

  • Two standards: F 2576, Terminology Relating to Declarable Substances in Materials, and F 2577, Guide for Assessment of Materials and Products for Declarable Substances.
  • Free access for committee members to an Enhesa database that contains current declarable substances legislation, enforcement information, legislative proposals and white
    papers, links to government Web sites, and impact analysis.

Standards under development for REACH supply chain management, heavy metals analysis in glass, tin-based solder alloy analysis, identifying and quantifying substances in polymeric material, and measuring polychlorinated biphenyl contamination in recovered plastics.

All those interested are invited to participate in F40 activities. For more information, visit the F40 home page or contact Brynn Murphy, F40 staff manager (phone: 610/832-9640).