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 May 2007
Tech News

New Standard Presents Requirements for Standard Reference Test Tire

Measuring the performance of a new standard reference test tire (SRTT) in a variety of situations is the purpose of a new ASTM International standard, F 2493, Specification for P225/60R16 97S Radial Standard Reference Test Tire. The standard, which was developed by Subcommittee F09.20 on Vehicular Testing, is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee F09 on Tires.

F 2493 is specifically geared toward P225/60R16, an SRTT that is currently only being produced by BF Goodrich Tire Manufacturing. This SRTT is primarily used for braking traction, snow traction and wear performance evaluations, but can also be used for other tests that require a reference tire, including pavement roughness and noise evaluations.

According to Stan Lew, manager, industry standards and government regulations, Michelin North America, Inc., and F09.20 member, F 2493 will coexist with another ASTM standard, E 1136, Specification for a Radial Standard Reference Test Tire. While that standard, which was originally published in 1986, deals with SRTT P195/75R14, Lew says that changing times and technology created a need for a P225/60R16 tire specification.

“Today’s vehicles have evolved since 1986 and there are a limited number of new vehicles that will feature a 14-inch tire. Therefore, a 16-inch SRTT was needed to in order to complement the 14-inch tire,” says Lew. “This led to the development of F 2493.”

Lew also notes that, in addition to the larger size, the P225/60R16 SRTT includes new material and design features as well as wet and dry braking traction that are typical of currently produced passenger car tires.

Automotive testers and testing organizations, pavement monitors and buildings, government organizations, tire manufacturers and testers and vehicle manufacturers will all benefit both from the introduction of the P225/60R16 SRTT and from F 2493, according to Lew.

Committee F09 encourages participation in its standards developing activities. “There is an open invitation for new members to participate in the standards developing work of Committee F09,” says Lew. “The committee has grown in both its diversity of stakeholder members and in its standards work. Tire technology has evolved and Committee F09 will continue to work toward the challenges it presents.” Among the recent activities of Committee F09 has been its involvement in responding to the TREAD Act, which mandated that the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revise and update safety performance requirements for tires.


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