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 May 2007  In This Issue

ASTM Committee D19 on Water is celebrating 75 years of developing standards for all aspects of water quality and usage.

Columns & Info
From the Editor’s Desk
Global Notebook
ASTM International News
Tech News
Toy Safety
Unmanned Maritime Systems
Traffic Monitoring
School Emergency Preparedness
Radiochemical Analysis
Electrical Protective Equipment
Reference Test Tires
Snowboard Step-in Bindings
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Coal and Coke
Zinc Coatings
A05 Interlaboratory Study
ASTM International Advantage Award
Interview: Doing Business in China: Part III: National Electrical Manufacturers Association
ASTM International Committee D19 on Water: Who We Are and Where We Are Going
by Nathalie H. (Dee) Perkins and G. Douglas Glysson
Analyzing Organic Compounds in Water: The Next Generation of Standards
by Martha S. Laurie
Measurement-Uncertainty Protocol for Regression-Based Analytical Instruments
by Lynn Vanatta
Improving Turbidity Measurement Reports: A Round Robin Study
by Michael J. Sadar and Christopher L. Campion
Subcommittee D19.03 on Water Sampling (and Much More)
by Charlie McDonough
Measuring the Radioactivity of Water: The Activities of Subcommittee D19.04 on Methods of Radiochemical Analysis
by David McCurdy and Daniel Montgomery
End Note
Spotlight: Water, Water Everywhere

Society Review of Main Committee Ballot Actions

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