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 May 2007
ASTM International Advantage Award

Safety • Efficiency • Interoperability • Profitability

Market Entry • Reliability • Innovation

2007 ASTM International Advantage Award

IF YOU CAN clearly show the concrete benefits of an ASTM standard or a group of ASTM standards, you are invited to examine the competition rules below. ASTM International is looking for case studies that verify positive outcomes of standards in action for the 2007 ASTM Advantage Award. Your efforts could add to the body of knowledge on standards and their application.

Competition Rules:

Content: Papers must accurately address, in detail, the impact of using an ASTM standard or set of ASTM standards and must contain supporting data.

Eligibility: The ASTM Advantage Award competition is open to anyone, except current or former ASTM employees, current ASTM freelance writers or current members of the ASTM Board of Directors. Only one paper may be submitted by each author. Co-authorship is permitted.

Originality: Papers must be original and not previously published, previously submitted or under consideration.

Format: Papers must be between 3,000 and 5,000 words. Charts, graphs and images, etc. are encouraged. Only papers submitted in English will be considered. Papers must be typewritten and double-spaced.

Submission requirements: Papers should be submitted electronically, and must be accompanied by an entry form (available on the ASTM Web site). Submissions will be judged anonymously by a panel of judges selected by ASTM International. Since the judges must handle the papers without knowledge of the identity of the authors, it is required that the paper itself show no identification other than the title of the paper. The title, author’s names and contact information must be shown on the entry form only, and should not appear on the title page. Only the title of the paper should appear on the title page. Submit papers via e-mail to Barbara Schindler, Director, ASTM International Corporate Communications.

Timeline: The deadline for receipt of papers is Aug. 31, 2007.

Publication: Each contestant grants publication rights and assigns copyright to ASTM International. The winning papers (and perhaps others) will be published in ASTM Standardization News and possibly elsewhere.

Selection Criteria: All submissions will be reviewed and judged based on: demonstration of the impact of the ASTM standard(s), the presentation of tangible value (cost savings, efficiencies, global use, etc.), and the inclusion of support data and background information. Only papers that comply with the competition rules and requirements will be presented to the judges. Judges’ decisions are final.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the author(s) listed on the entry form: $25,000 for the first prize; $10,000 for the second prize; and $5,000 for the third prize. Co-authors will share cash awards equally. In addition, award plaques will be presented to the authors of the top three winning papers. ASTM International is not obligated to award prizes if no qualified entries in any of the three prize categories are received.


ASTM International may use the names, biographical information, prize amounts and photographs of winners for publicity purposes. ASTM International may use biographical information from authors of all papers it chooses to publish.