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ASTM Web Site Redesign Offers New Look with Easier Access to Information

New things are happening on the ASTM Web site.

Visitors will discover a new look and feel, improved navigation, and quicker and easier access to a wide range of information. A phased rollout of the enhanced site began last October and is nearing completion.

New and existing users will discover the difference right away— from the site’s opening page. First-time visitors will find it easy to learn what ASTM International is all about. Like most of the site’s main or landing pages, a description or overview is featured at the top of the page. One click will take visitors to the “About ASTM International” section, which provides expanded information about the Society, including an easy-to-read overview, a voice-over module presentation, a summary of major milestones in ASTM’s history, and frequently asked questions.

The opening page also better serves the needs of frequent and repeat visitors to the site by bringing new and important information to the forefront. On the opening page, visitors will find easy access to the latest ASTM news, learn about the most recent ASTM publications via brief descriptions and visual images, and gain information on important new ASTM initiatives. Additional information in all of these areas is also one click away for the user.

Existing features from the previous ASTM Web site have been carried over for consistency and user functionality. On the opening page, users will continue to find features they have utilized in the past, including the member login, site- and standards-search capabilities, and language options.

Providing users with easier access to information is a prevailing theme through the entire enhanced site. This is particularly evident in the Magazine and Newsletter section of the site. ASTM’s collection of public information periodicals are organized and presented on one easy-to-view page. Users will continue to find archived issues of Standardization News back to January 2000, as well as online access to the annual Chinese-language edition of SN. Access ASTM International, a semi-annual newsletter, is also accessible from this page, as is Business Link.

Another audience that will experience increased benefits and improved access at the ASTM Web site is the media. The redesigned site features a revamped and enhanced Newsroom geared toward serving the needs of editors and reporters covering ASTM International and the field of standardization.

In Newsroom and Information, members of the media will find new features such as “Story Tips for Reporters,” which give examples of the use of ASTM standards in everyday life. Reporters looking for a particular ASTM announcement or researching a specific topic can now perform a keyword search of ASTM news releases, as well as access a better organized archive of current and past releases. This Newsroom section of the site, which will be kept current using a content management tool, also offers other valuable informational tools for reporters, including an ASTM fact sheet; the ASTM Handbook of Standardization, the U.S. National Standards Strategy, and information on the U.S. National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act.

Since its launch in 1995, the ASTM Web site has proved to be an excellent tool for members doing standards development work, for customers seeking documents, and for those in need of information. With all audiences in mind, these latest enhancements should make navigating the ASTM Web site a bit smoother. //

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