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General Sealant Subcommittee Seeks Participation in Drafting of Mildew Resistance Test Method

Mildew has a nasty way of getting into everything, including building sealants. Because many manufacturers make claims that their products are resistant to mildew, it is important that consumers have the opportunity to make informed decisions on mildew resistance, based on a standardized test. ASTM Subcommittee C24.20 on General Sealant Standards is currently drafting a test method for mildew resistance to make such a standard possible.

“Ideally we would want it to be something that sealant manufacturers can run in their own laboratories,” says subcommittee member Morton Jones, director of R&D, caulks and adhesives, Gardner-Gibson, Largo, Fla.

The subcommittee is soliciting participation in the drafting of the test method. Some of the issues being considered are:

• What is the best test protocol(s) to evaluate a sealant’s mildew resistance?
• What classifications describe mold resistance?
• How long should a caulk or sealant prevent mildew growth under ideal conditions?
• What are the physical property changes to address?
• What is the effectiveness of sealant mold inhibitors that decline with exposure?

For further technical information, contact Morton Jones, Gardner-Gibson, Largo, Fla. (phone: 727/531-4100). C24 meets June 13-17 during the June Committee Week in Kansas City, Mo. For membership or meeting details, contact Scott Orthey, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9730). //

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