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May 2002

Volume 30, Number 5

Editor in Chief
Maryann Gorman

News Editor/Writer
Clare Coppa

Director of Graphic Arts
Lesley Boylan West

Director of Production and Graphic Arts 
M. Bruce Vieth

Advertising Sales Manager
Ellen McGlinchey

Director of Corporate Communications
Barbara Schindler

Vice President, Publications and Marketing
Robert L. Meltzer


Richard J. Schulte, Chairman
Wayne N. Holliday, Vice Chairman
Arthur D. Schwope, Vice Chairman
Gilbert G. McIntee, Chairman of
  Finance and Audit Committee
James A. Thomas, President

Vincent Diaz
Jeffery I. Enyart
Anthony E. Fiorato
Terry S. Hawk
Laura E. Hitchcock
Stephen W. Hopkins
Lisa A. Johnson
Robert L. “Jay” Jordan
Rey G. Montemayor
Luis F. Ordonez
Jack E. Parr
Helene Hardy Pierce
Gregory E. Saunders
Leslie Smith
N. David Smith
John S. Snodgrass
Fabio Tobon
Jon S. Traw

Harvey P. Hack
Donald E. Marlowe

Committee on Publications
Roger E. Stoller, Chairman
George Totten, Vice Chairman
Richard J. Schulte, ex-officio

Mauli Agrawal
Sean Brossia
Thomas Dulski
Jenny Hitch
Richard E. Link
Mary E. McKnight
Michael Mitchell
Martin Sara
John Sherwell
Stephen J. Watson