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Task Group Seeks Input for Diesel-Engine Standard Under Development

Members and non-members of ASTM International who use or produce piston ring and cylinder liner materials for diesel engines are invited to develop standard tests of these products with ASTM Committee G02 on Wear and Erosion.

Material qualification procedures using vehicles or engine dynamometer test cells are often too expensive to permit extensive screening of candidate materials and surface treatments for use in diesel-engine piston rings and cylinder liners, said G02 chairman Peter J. Blau, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tenn. “The high cost of full-scale diesel engine tests limits the number of replicate runs, and that can reduce the statistical validity of the test results,” said Blau, who is leading a task group formed to develop the testing under ASTM Subcommittee G02.40 on Non-Abrasive Wear.

“The goal of the task group is to develop a useful, simulative, laboratory-scale test method for screening candidate ring and liner materials, including coatings and surface treatments,” he explained. “Issues such as the simulation of used-oil effects, ring/liner contact alignment, test temperature, start-stop transients, and others will need to be addressed before the new test method can be established.”

To participate in this activity, contact Peter Blau at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn. (e-mail). Committee G02 meets June 27-28 in Salt Lake City. For meeting or membership details, contact Diane Rehiel, manager, ASTM Technical Committees (phone: 610/832-9717). //

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