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Participation Invited to Technical Training on Natural and Artificial Weathering

“Introduction to the Fundamentals of Weathering,” a technical training session on natural and artificial weathering will be offered by the executive committees of ASTM D08 on Roofing, Waterproofing and Bituminous Materials, D35 on Geosynthetics, and C24 on Building Seals and Sealants during ASTM Committee Week in Norfolk, Va., June 24-29. Two sessions will be offered at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel:

• Committee D08 will present on Sun., June 24, 3:00-5:00 p.m.; and
• Committees D35 and C24 will present jointly on Wed., June 27, 10:00 am-12:00 p.m.

The training is part of a larger research and liaison session that Committee C24 is holding.

“There are three main factors of weather that contribute to the degradation of exposed materials: radiant energy from the sun, temperature, and moisture,” wrote Matthew McGreer, general manager, Client Education, and Frederick P. Schall, manager, Standards Program, both with Atlas Electric Devices Co., Chicago, Ill.

“These forces work synergistically to cause physical and chemical changes,” continued McGreer and Schall, who will be session speakers. “Understanding these factors are critical when evaluating exposed materials, developing an exposure test program, or choosing an accelerated method of testing. This presentation will feature specific features of various natural and accelerated weathering test methods, discuss what factors of weather are most accentuated by these methods, and provide a guide to determine appropriate exposures based on the end-use application of a material.”

“Weathering is a fascinating topic that touches all products,” concluded Schall, a member of several ASTM committees.

Attendance is highly encouraged. For further technical information, contact Frederick P. Schall, Standards Program Manager, Atlas Electric Devices Co., Chicago, Ill. (phone: 773/327-4520; ext. 492). For ASTM Committee meeting or membership further details, contact Pat Picariello, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9720). //

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