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ASTM Standards in Building Codes, 38th Edition
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $795 North America, $875 Elsewhere

2000 International Codes Complete Set
Published 2000; Soft Cover; $356 North America, $392 Elsewhere

Masonry Test Methods and Specifications for the Building Industry, 4th Edition
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $75 North America, $83 Elsewhere

ASTM Standards on Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability, Second Edition
Published 2000; Soft Cover; $80 North America, $88 Elsewhere

STP 1394, Dimension Stone Cladding: Design, Construction, Evaluation,
and Repair

Published 2000; Soft cover; $29 North America;
$34 Elsewhere

New! STP 1387, Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation: Testing and Prediction
Published 2000; Hard Cover; $250 North America, $275 Elsewhere
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Feature: ASTM Construction Standards in Laboratory Accreditation
by Patrick McCullen

Insight: ASTM Subcommittee A01.05: Its Quest to Develop Standards for Corrosion-Resistant Steel Reinforcement
by David P. Gustafson

In My Opinion: Consensus: Who Needs It?
by Allan R. Mears

Plain Talk for a New Generation
Comments from ASTM President Jim Thomas

Property and Asset Management
Cement and Concrete
Appearance Assessments for Distinctness of Image
Language Interpretation
Test-Method Writing Class
Silicone Seals
Gloves for Food Service
Weathering, Natural and Artificial
Fiber Cement Products

Global Notebook:
News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

People--Member Profile: S. Kay Obendorf, Ph.D. and Betsy L. Dart, M.S.

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ASTM construction standards are used around the world as they are referenced in the International Building Code. Patrick McCullen, of the International Conference of Building Officials Evaluation Service, describes just some of the many testing uses of ASTM standards for building construction purposes. Also, David P. Gustafson of Subcommittee A01.05 on Steel Reinforcement discusses that group’s efforts to prevent the corrosion of steel-reinforced concrete structures through standardization. //