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Combine Your Technical Expertise with the Experience and Reputation of ASTM’s New Publications Program

by Kathy Dernoga

In addition to developing and publishing standards, ASTM International also has a successful book series of manuals, monographs, data publications and software products. And you can be part of it. If you have an idea for a book based on any of the many technical areas covered by ASTM’s committees, we want to hear from you.

As a developer and user of ASTM standards, the idea for the next technical book from ASTM may be closer than you think. You may feel that users of standards would benefit from a more comprehensive explanation of those standards, a user perspective, or advice on the interpretation and application of a group of standards. Consider your own needs and ask yourself, “What’s missing?” “Why isn’t there a book on…?” “Why not develop software to do this?” or “I followed the standard but how can I find out what to do next?”

By considering questions such as these and sharing your answers with us, you can enjoy the advantages of publishing with a respected, world-renowned technical publisher with worldwide promotional and distribution channels. In the ASTM International publishing program, we solicit manuscripts, seek out seasoned authors, and review proposals for new content, unique applications, and the best delivery options. ASTM has outstanding relationships with its authors and editors, offering competitive royalty rates, and a professional staff to assist you.

The Process

If you have an idea for a new publication, please send a brief description to ASTM. Our experienced staff can help you develop your idea. Proposals typically include:

• Provide your qualifications; they will add credibility to the publication

• List the topics you plan to cover and organization of contents
• Estimate the number of pages, photos, tables, or other needs

• Provide the topic, purpose, and unique attributes of your proposal
• Explain what unique approach or content makes your book appealing
• Describe the audience that will benefit

• Provide projected startup and completion dates

We hope this inspires you to send in a book idea or tell a colleague about this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you and adding your name to our list of prestigious authors. //

For more information contact Kathy Dernoga (phone: 610/832-9617) or click here.

Copyright 2004, ASTM International

Kathy Dernoga is ASTM’s manager of new publications.

Recent Publications

To give you a flavor of the types of products published by ASTM International, here is a short list of recently produced materials.

Significance of Tests for Petroleum Products — Seventh Edition: This book provides a reference guide on the
significance of ASTM and IP tests for measuring product quality. It describes the relevant tests that are done on petroleum products and why each test is done.

Fuels and Lubricants Handbook — Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing: This manual is a comprehensive, in-depth, well-referenced handbook that provides a detailed overview of all the important ASTM and non-ASTM fuels and lubricants test procedures. Readers will get a thorough overview of the application-related properties being tested and an extensive discussion of the principles behind the tests and their relationship to the properties themselves.

Basic Rubber Testing — Selecting Methods for a Rubber Test Program: This is a practical guide that provides a basic description of the test methods and characterizes each group of raw materials. But more importantly, it compares and contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of selecting various test methods.

The Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards — Second Edition: This popular handbook assists the reader by grouping comparable steels based on their chemical composition and mechanical properties, and takes into account product form, application, and type of service. It also aids in finding the new CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standards that have replaced former national standards from Europe and the United Kingdom. A searchable CD-ROM is included.

The third edition of ASTM’s Aviation Fuel Quality Procedure is scheduled for publication this summer. This publication uses straightforward language and illustrations providing access to 32 common procedures used by fuel handlers to assess and protect aviation fuel quality.