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Test Method Under Way Measures Flatness Characteristics of Coated Sheet Products

The Test Methods Subcommittee of ASTM Committee A05 on Metallic Coated Iron and Steel Products is developing a Test Method for Measuring Flatness Characteristics of Coated Sheet Products.

A subcommittee task group of metallurgists, engineers, manufacturers, and quality-control professionals invites interested stakeholders to develop the standard, which will define and measure flatness characteristics such as: wavy edge, buckles, full center, coil set, crossbow, and camber.

Gary Dallin, PE, president of Steel Technology Services Inc., a metallurgical-consulting company in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, explains why measuring flatness characteristics of coated products is important. “The producers of coated sheet products require good flatness to properly coat it with metal,” says Dallin, a task-group member. “Users of these products need good flatness to efficiently process it through their, rolling, cutting, blanking, pressing, stamping, etc. operations. Poor flatness on the incoming sheet can cause interruptions, or even prevent use of the material.”

The proposed standard will benefit coated-sheet producers, coated-sheet consumers, and testing and inspection services. “The new standard will make the methods objective and also recognize several factors that can interfere with accurate measurements,” Dallin says.

“While dimensional limits are published for the above characteristics in A 924/A 924M, he adds, “they have never been formally defined, nor were methods described for objectively measuring them. Compliance with the specification limits could therefore be open to question. This new standard will define the anomalies and provide the methods to measure them.”

To join the development of the standard or obtain further technical information, contact Gary Dallin, Steel Technology Services, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (phone: 905/335-6388). Committee A05 meets May 4-6 in Kansas City, Mo. For meeting or membership details, contact Maxine Topping, manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9737). //

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