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New Lime-Putty Standard

ASTM Subcommittee C07.02 on Structured Lime issued a new specification for lime putty, Standard C 1489, Lime Putty for Structural Purposes.

“Lime putty has been used for centuries as a component of mortar, plaster and fresco applications,” said Michael J. Tate, chairman of ASTM Subcommittee C07.06 on Physical Tests. “A new standard ASTM C 1489 (Lime Putty for Structural Purposes) details requirements for lime putty used in these applications,” said Tate, sales manager for Graymont Dolime (OH), Inc., Genoa.

“This specification provides the tool for architects to specify a lime-putty product with predictable results,” Tate said, adding that lime-putty Standard C 1489 is consistent with the requirements of C 270, Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry (published 2001) and ASTM C 206, Standard Specification for Finishing Hydrated Lime (reviewed 1997).

The subcommittee developed C 1489 in 2001 with input from lime producers, users, and specifiers.

For further technical information, contact Michael J. Tate, Graymont Dolime (OH), Inc., Genoa, Ohio (phone: 419/855-8336). Committee C07 meets June 26-27 in Salt Lake City. For meeting or membership details, contact Bruce Noe, manager, ASTM Technical Committees (phone: 610-832-9719). //

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