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Industrial Hygienists Sought for Discussion of Standard Method for Automated Endotoxin Analysis in Metal Removal Fluids

On April 2 at Committee Week in Phoenix, Ariz., a new task group will discuss development of a standard method for automated endotoxin analysis in metal removal fluids during the meetings of Subcommittee E34.50, Health and Safety Standards for Metal Working Fluids. This effort is being conducted under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E34 on Occupational Health and Safety.

“A task group will be convened to explore the need for an automated and/or rapid onsite test to detect endotoxin in metal working fluids (MWF),” said Jack Sloyer, Ph.D., director of Industrial Applications, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc., Falmouth, Mass., the task group chair. “Since endotoxin in the air in MWF environments is largely, if not exclusively, derived from the Gram negative bacteria growing in the MWF, a rapid method to quantify endotoxin in MWF would provide an early indication of bacterial proliferation.”

Sloyer said that people working in MWF environments have experienced shortness of breath and some difficulties due to these toxins.

“Professionals who would benefit from having such a method available would include not only those responsible for the chemical management of the MWF but also the industrial hygienists whose responsibility it is to maintain a healthy workplace environment,” he said.

For further technical information, contact Jack Sloyer, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc., Falmouth, Mass. (phone: 508/ 540-3808). Committee E34 meets April 1-3 in Phoenix, Ariz. For meeting or membership information, contact Staff Manager Bruce Noe, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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