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Performance Standard for Baby Changing Tables

Members of Committee F15 on Consumer Products are drafting a performance standard for commercial baby changing tables. The proposed standard will cover stationary tables used in day care centers and hospitals, as well as the fold-down models attached to public restroom walls.

Subcommittee F15.50, Diaper Changing Tables for Commercial Use, officially formed late last year to begin this effort. Currently they are performing tests for the standard under the aegis of Chairman David B. Hommel, director of operations, Bird-in-Hand Woodworks, Lancaster, Pa. Additional manufacturers are involved on the subcommittee, including the largest manufacturer of commercial changing tables in the United States, a safety engineer, and several consumer representatives. Hommel invites users and related stakeholders to join the subcommittee such as child-care or hospital professionals, and architects.

The proposed standard will not be design-restrictive and will apply to units designed for public use made of wood, plastic, metal, etc. It will primarily address the problem of children falling off the table, and define a basic standard for weight capacity and structural integrity.

Hommel said the standard would also cover commercial changing tables equipped with steps. “Typically, a day-care worker changes 40 to 50 diapers a day. Lifting and carrying and putting down 20 to 25 lb. toddlers becomes an occupational hazard.”

To participate, or for further technical information, contact David B. Hommel, Director of Operations, Bird-in-Hand Woodworks, Lancaster, Pa. (phone: 717/397-5686, ext. 227). For Committee F15 meeting or membership details, contact Director Kathie Morgan, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9721). //

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