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 June 2005 HowTo
Scott Murphy is director of education services in the ASTM International Technical Committee Operations Division.
For more information on ASTM’s six training partners including contact information, click here, then click on “International Training.”

Organizations that are interested in becoming ASTM training partners should contact Scott Murphy, director,
Education Services (phone: 610/832-9685).

Partnerships Expand the Availability of ASTM Training Courses

ASTM International has entered into agreements with six organizations around the world, granting licenses to them to conduct ASTM Technical and Professional Training courses. The partner organizations are responsible for scheduling, advertising and conducting courses, and ASTM receives a royalty payment for each student they train.

Instructor candidates from our partner organizations are trained by ASTM TPT instructors to deliver specific courses. In some cases the instructor candidates travel to the United States for the train-the-trainer sessions, and in other cases the ASTM instructor travels to the partner’s location. Our partners teach the courses in their native language.


The first organization ASTM signed an agreement with was Eco Solutions, Ltd., in Seoul, Korea. The agreement licenses Eco Solutions to offer the ASTM Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment courses (sponsored by Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action). Eco Solutions is a private company that specializes in contaminated site assessment, soil remediation, water treatment and management, and biotechnology. They have developed new technologies in soil remediation methods and are actively promoting the adoption of rigorous site assessment standards in Korea.

ASTM sent an instructor to Seoul in 2000 to train a number of Eco Solution employees to teach the courses. Eco Solutions began offering the ASTM courses in Korea in 2001 with classes in Seoul and Taegu. Audiences for Eco Solutions’ classes have included the Korean Railway Corporation, the Korea Agricultural and Rural Infrastructure Corporation, environmental supervisors at U.S. military installations in Korea, and soil and groundwater academics and environmental professionals.


GETReC’s First Environmental Assessment Training Class in Japan.
Early in 2003, ASTM signed an agreement with the Geo-Environment Technology Research Center in Tokyo, Japan, to offer the ASTM environmental site assessment courses there. GETReC is a consortium of 75 Japanese geological survey and consulting companies. Its mission is to develop new technologies for soil and groundwater pollution problems, develop new markets for member companies, and provide education and training for member companies and the public at large. GETReC was also authorized by ASTM to translate into Japanese and distribute several environmental standards and one ASTM manual. As with our Korean partner, an ASTM instructor traveled to Japan to conduct a weeklong train-the-trainer session for the GETReC instructor candidates. GETReC held its first classes in late 2003 in Tokyo, Sapporo and Osaka.


ASTM Training Program in Bombay, India.
In July 2003, ASTM launched its partnership with Global Resources Management Group in Madras, India, to offer the ASTM textile courses (sponsored by Committee D13 on Textiles) in India and Sri Lanka. GRMG is a nine-year-old Indian company that sells textile testing quality control systems in India and neighboring South Asian countries.
Jayakumar Gopalakrishnan is the instructor teaching the ASTM courses. He is GMRG’s technical support and customer services manager. Gopalakrishnan also teaches courses for the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists and the United Kingdom Society of Dyers and Colourists. He is a director on the AATCC board of administration, the first non-American to be appointed to this post. Gopalakrishnan traveled to New York City during October 2003 to be trained on presenting the ASTM textile courses. GRMG held its first ASTM classes during the first half of 2004 in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai.

The Middle East

The Arabian Fuels Technology Center was established by a long-time member of Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants, Ubaidallah S. Alghamdi. ASTM entered into a partnership with AFTC in August 2003, licensing it to organize and present ASTM Committee D02 training courses on petroleum in the Middle East. AFTC’s mission is to work with clients to promote and sustain the awareness and importance of the quality and safety of transportation fuels during their manufacture and blending, transportation, storage, handling and use to ensure that clean, dry and on-specification fuels are delivered to end users.
Attendees of a Fuels Technology Class in Bahrain.
In October 2004 in Qatar, AFTC conducted the first ASTM training course to be taught in Arabic. AFTC also developed and conducted the first ASTM liquified petroleum gas course for Saudi Aramco and the Bahrain National Gas Company during the first quarter of this year. Petroleum classes have also been conducted in Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

South America

Early in 2004, ASTM signed an agreement with EnginZone S.A.C. in Lima, Peru, authorizing them to market and hold ASTM environmental site assessment training courses in Latin America. EnginZone’s mission is to bring global standards to Peru and Latin America. The main focus of EnginZone’s training programs is updating engineers and technical people on new developments in technical fields worldwide.
Attendees at a Fuels Technology Class in Bahrain.
EnginZone held its first class in November 2004 in Lima, Peru — the first public ASTM training course conducted in Spanish. A second class is scheduled in Bogotá, Colombia. EnginZone also has training partnerships with ASME International and IFST (which is the National Fire Protection Association’s partner for training programs in Latin America). EnginZone’s instructor, Marco L. Gomez-Barrios, traveled to Phoenix, Ariz., to receive instruction on presenting the ASTM Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment courses.

Puerto Rico

Earlier this year, ASTM signed an agreement with the Institute for Environmental Education and the Atlantic Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training Center of the Metropolitan University in Puerto Rico to permit the Institute to offer ASTM Environmental Site Assessment courses, taught in Spanish, in Puerto Rico. The Institute’s mission is to provide quality, bilingual environmental and occupational safety and health education to private and public agencies and companies in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Basin countries. ASTM’s instructor went to Puerto Rico in late April to conduct a train-the-trainer session for the Institute’s instructor candidates. The Institute plans to offer its first ASTM training courses June 14 - 17. The Institute also held a one-day conference about EPA’s proposed changes to All Appropriate Inquiry as it relates to Phase I environmental site assessment in late April in San Juan, Puerto Rico. //

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