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 June 2005 ASTM International News

Open House for Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian Standards Officials

Roadway Infrastructure Workshop

Manager Named to Head New Interlaboratory Studies Program

RFP: Impact of Standards on Business Profitability

ASTM Environmental Training in Puerto Rico

ASTM Board of Directors

ASTM to Host Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian Standards Officials

ASTM International, in cooperation with the American National Standards Institute and the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, is sponsoring an Open House for the leading standards officials from 20 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, July 26-28. The program will take place at ASTM International Headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa., as well as at NIST Headquarters in Gaithersburg, Md. Part of the program will include the signing of memorandums of understanding with the national standards bodies of Iraq and Palestine. 

As the organizer and sponsor of the meeting, ASTM International believes it will present a very important opportunity to open lines of communication and to find new ways to work cooperatively regarding international standardization, developing country challenges, and other issues of importance to the global standards community. //

ASTM Staff Participate in NIST Roadway Infrastructure Workshop

ASTM International staff members Teresa Cendrowska, Jessica Hychalk and Dan Smith participated in a National Institute of Standards and Technology Standards in Trade Workshop for a delegation of roadway infrastructure and safety professionals from Israel in April. Smith, manager of Committee D04 on Road and Paving Materials and E17 on Vehicle-Pavement Systems, made a presentation about ASTM, with a special emphasis on committees that deal with roadway infrastructure.

Participants in the NIST Standard in Training workshop take a break to pose for a photo.

NIST Standards in Trade workshops provide timely information on U.S. practices in standardization and conformity assessment. The objectives for this recent SIT workshop were: (1) to provide a forum for the discussion of standards development, conformity assessment and regulation in the United States and Israel as they relate to the roadway infrastructure sector, including intelligent transportation systems; (2) to address the role and authority of relevant agencies and organizations with an emphasis on roadway safety; (3) to identify current and future technical areas on which the United States and Israel could cooperate; (4) to establish peer-to-peer programs, where appropriate; and (5) to further extend the knowledge of participants on guidebooks and other resources. //

Phillip Godorov Named Manager of Interlaboratory Study Program

ASTM International is pleased to announce that Phillip Godorov has joined the staff as manager of the Interlaboratory Study Program in the Technical Committee Operations Division. Godorov is responsible for planning, developing, managing and executing the ILS Program. He works with technical committee members, staff managers and contractors regarding the understanding of test methods used in the program and analyzes numerical and technical data in the preparation of precision and bias statements and research reports. This includes the review and understanding of data and statistical analysis with outside technical experts.

Godorov comes to ASTM from the Philadelphia Water Department where he served as Quality Assurance Officer for the Bureau of Laboratory Services in the Planning and Engineering division. Prior to the Philadelphia Water Department, Godorov served as metals laboratory team leader at Mobil Oil Corp. in Pennington, N.J. Godorov also worked as department coordinator for National Environmental Testing in Thorofare, N.J.

Godorov has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral biology and human studies from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md. While matriculating at Johns Hopkins, he served as assistant project scientist on an EPA testing project conducted at the university. //

Proposals Requested for Study of Impact of Standards on Business Profitability

In the fall of 2004 the ASTM board of directors approved a research project to study the impact of standards on business profitability. This study will address two objectives. ASTM’s first objective is to demonstrate, in an empirically compelling way, the positive effect of standardization with regard to a firm’s profitability, demonstrated by such factors as:

• Reduced uncertainty, particularly in test method results, thus reducing research and development, engineering, and quality assurance costs;
• Readily available specifications and test methods that reduce the need to develop proprietary documents;
• Reduced transaction costs between buyers and sellers of materials;
• Minimized inventory costs; and
• Enhanced access to global markets.

ASTM’s second objective is to demonstrate the value of participating in the development of standards by illustrating that “free riding,” or utilization of a standard without having participated in its development, is costly to firms whose competitors develop standards. Value can be demonstrated by contrasting the following capabilities of participating and free-riding firms respectively with regard to the:

• Ability to influence the standard’s content;
• Possession of knowledge about or full understanding of the standard; and
• Ability to enter a market or comply with the standard.

It is expected that the results of the study will prove valuable and informative not only to ASTM International and other standards developers, but also to corporate executive officers, other levels of managing executives, and the federal government because it will provide justification for committing resources to standards development. A request for proposals has been formulated and released; the deadline for response is July 30. For more information, contact Teresa J. Cendrowska, (phone: 610/832-9718). //

Puerto Rico’s Metropolitan University to Offer ASTM Environmental Site Assessment Training

ASTM International has signed an agreement with the Environmental Educational Institute of the Metropolitan University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, licensing the institute to offer ASTM environmental site assessment courses in Spanish. Four Metropolitan instructors have now been trained and the university has now begun offering ASTM Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment courses in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. //

The 2005 ASTM board of directors met at ASTM International Headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pa., in April (from left, top row): Jeffery A. Melsom, Joshua J. Jacobs, Richard F. Kayser, James S. Moulthrop, Warren D. Ketola, Paul K. Whitcraft, Lars Flink, and Thomas S. Jones; (middle row): Earl A. Lawrence, Wayne N. Holliday (past chair), James A. Thomas (president), N. David Smith (chair), Arthur D. Schwope (past chair), Rey G. Montemayor (Finance and Audit Committee chair), and Ramani Narayan; (front row): James H. Turner, Julie H. Kilgore, Gregory E. Saunders (vice chair), Anthony E. Fiorato (vice chair), Robert B. Waller, Julie A. Clifford, and Ronald F. Silletti.
Not pictured: Akira Aoki, Christopher G. Ingersoll, Roger E. Stoller.

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