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New F24 Subcommittee Aims to Improve the Safety of Water Rides and Attractions

ASTM International’s Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices has recently created Subcommittee F24.70 on Water Rides and Attractions. “The F24 committee has been covering a number of water-related topics in the past few years and, with an increase in the activities, the executive committee felt it was a good opportunity to focus on water rides and attractions as a separate subcommittee,” says Steve Elliott, president, Ride Actions Limited, and chair for the new subcommittee.

Elliott says the new subcommittee, which was formed in March, is currently at work on three drafts that had previously been under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F24.60 on Special Rides/Attractions. These drafts, on water quality for incidental contact, amusement park water slides, and interactive water devices/attractions, are currently under development and Elliott is encouraging participation from parties interested in any of the three documents. In addition to seeking participation from those interested in the current drafts, Elliott says the new subcommittee is soliciting membership from interested parties concerned with water and water-related rides, attractions and devices that are used in amusement parks, amusement attractions and water parks. Also, Elliott says that F24.70 invites participation from members of Subcommittee F15.29 on Playground Equipment for Public Use who have been actively involved in the development of the attractions and devices that will fall under the jurisdiction of the new subcommittee. “We are thankful for the support and interest of F15 members in continuing the development of these standards,” says Elliott.

“Water rides, attractions, and devices are used in amusement and water parks around the world,” says Elliott. “Committee F24 has developed and continues to develop standards for the amusement and water park industry to place an envelope of safety around our patrons when ASTM standards are used. Subcommittee F24.70 will continue this work so we can establish improvements in the level of safety for our water-related attractions and rides.”

For further technical information, contact Steve Elliott, Ride Actions Limited, Madison, Wis. (phone: 608/345-2286). Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices will meet Oct. 1-3 in San Diego, Calif. For meeting or membership details, contact Len Morrissey, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9719). //

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