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Because of the complex layout of this feature article — which is an abridged timeline highlighting the history of Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants and key moments in the history of the petroleum and related industries — we are posting it as a PDF document that you can download here.

For the unabridged timeline, see the "D02 Historical Timeline" link on the Committee D02 homepage.

Copyright 2004, ASTM International

Until recently, George E. Totten, Ph.D., was a senior research scientist at Union Carbide Corporation, where he was responsible for its R&D programs in metalworking quenchants, hydraulic fluids, and exploratory research programs in lubrication fundamentals. Currently, Totten is president of G.E. Totten and Associates LLC, a research and consulting firm specializing in thermal processing and industrial lubrication problems and related equipment supply. Totten has approximately 400 publications to his name, including several ASTM publications.