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ASTM International Metalworking Industry Standards

Manual 5 — Aviation Fuel Quality Control Procedures: Third Edition

Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing

Significance of Tests for Petroleum Products, 7th Edition

Fuel and Fuel System Microbiology: Fundamentals, Diagnosis, and Contamination Control

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From the Editor's Desk: On to the Next Century
by Maryann Gorman

Feature: In Context: A Timeline of Highlights from the Histories of ASTM Committee D02 and the Petroleum Industry
by George E. Totten, Ph.D.

Feature: The Next 100 Years
by Michael A. Collier with contributions from Steven R. Westbrook, Ben R. Bonazza, and Cyrus P. Henry

Feature: The Challenge of Sulfur Analysis in the Fuels of the Future
by R. A. Kishore Nadkarni

Feature: Bias Management and Continuous Quality Improvement: Committee D02’s Proficiency Testing
by R.A. Kishore Nadkarni and W. James Bover

Feature: Flashpoint: It’s a Factor for Your Everyday Safety
by Michael A. Collier

Feature: Viscosity Measurement: So Easy, Yet So Difficult
by Janet L. Lane and Kenneth O. Henderson

Inside ASTM: ASTM International Hosts Open House for Federal Standards Executives
by Rich Wilhelm

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New Bungee Task Group
Composite Materials Guide
Pelvic Compression Devices
Liquid-Applied Bondbreakers
Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery

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News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

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Cover Story

ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants celebrates its 100th anniversary this month.

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