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New, Upcoming, and Related ASTM Publications

New Edition! ASTM Standards in Building Codes, 39th Edition

New! Manual 44, Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Petroleum Products and Lubricants

Transport Fuels Technology: Mobility for the Millennium

STP 1339, Hydraulic Failure Analysis: Fluids, Components, and System Effects

STP 1407, Turbine Lubrication in the 21st Century
Standardization News Search

Feature: Fueling the Automobile
by Ben Bonazza and Lew Gibbs

Feature: ASTM’s New Research Report on Reformulated Gasoline
by Marilyn Herman and Wendy Clark

Feature: No Breakdown Lanes in the Sky
by Mike Farmery

Feature: Standard for API CI-4 Diesel Oil: On Time, On Target
by Jim McGeehan

Feature: Evolution of the Standard Terminology Compendium for Petroleum Products and Lubricants
by Paul L. Strigner

International Scene
News of ASTM's International Activities

Tech News
Fiber-Optic Cable Installations in Underground Utility Pipes
Standard for Pure Biodiesel
Editorial Workshop
Standard for PVC Exterior Profiles Used in Fencing
Proposed Standard for Limited Asbestos Screens
G-Force Standards for Amusement Rides
Officers' Conference
Fire-Stop Inspections
Sensory Strategies in Product Maintenance

Global Notebook
News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

ASTM Board of Directors Photo

People--Member Profile:
Phillip Williams

Calendar of ASTM Meetings

Approved ASTM Standards Actions

Society Review of Main Committee Ballot Actions

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In this issue

Standards developed by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants are used worldwide to assure the quality of fuels, lubricants, and related products. This month, we cover just a few of the many activities that make D02 a very productive technical committee. //

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