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Board of Directors
The 2002 ASTM Board of Directors met in Mexico City, in April. For more information on events surrounding the meeting, see International Scene.

(From left, top row:) Jon S. Traw, Jack E. Parr, Terry S. Hawk, Leslie Smith, Jeffrey I. Enyart, Rey G. Montemayor, Donald E. Marlowe (past chairman); (middle row:) Luis F. Ordõnez, Gilbert G. McIntee (chairman, Finance and Audit Committee), Robert L. Jordan, James A. Thomas (president), Richard J. Schulte (chairman), Wayne N. Holliday (vice chairman), Harvey P. Hack (past chairman), Fabio Tobon; (front row:) John S. Snodgrass, Stephen W. Hopkins, Vincent Diaz, Helene Hardy-Pierce, Anthony E. Fiorato, Laura E. Hitchcock, and N. David Smith. Not pictured: Lisa A. Johnson, Gregory E. Saunders, and Arthur D. Schwope (vice chairman). //

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