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Expanded Efforts for Packaging Instrumentation Standards

ASTM Committee D10 on Packaging is committed to assessing the suitability of packaging through quantitative testing and instrumentation.

D 6537, Standard Practice for Instrumented Package Shock Testing for Determination of Package Performance, was released last year by Instrumentation Subcommittee D10.16. In April, the committee agreed to expand the subcommittee with two new task groups: the first will develop a standard for accelerometer calibration; the second will create a standard for signal filtering.

The subcommittee expects the proposed standards to be important documents referenced in several existing D10 methods.

Anyone wishing to participate in or comment on these efforts is encouraged to contact Subcommittee Chair Bob Boyd, Multimedia Inc., Indianapolis, Ind., or Co-Chair Bill Kipp, Lansmont Corporation, Monterey, Calif. For Committee D10 meeting or membership details, contact Staff Manager Tom O’Toole, ASTM (phone: 610/832-9739). //

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