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ASTM International Directory of Testing Laboratories
Published 2000; Soft Cover; $69 North America, $76 Elsewhere

Reactor Dosimetry, STP 1398, Reactor Dosimetry: Radiation Metrology and Assessment
Published 2001; Hard cover; $235 North America, $259 Elsewhere

STP 1407, Turbine Lubrication in the 21st Century
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $48 North America, $53 Elsewhere

STP 1404, Bench Testing of Industrial Fluid Lubrication and Wear Properties Used in Machinery Applications
Published 2001; Hard Cover; $90 North America, $99 Elsewhere

Hydraulic Fluids STP 1339, Hydraulic Failure Analysis: Fluids, Components, and System Effects
Published 2001; Hard cover; $95 North America, $105 Elsewhere
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Feature: The ASTM Test Monitoring Center
by Dr. John L. Zalar

Feature: Going Global: The Importance of International Standards
by Joan Sterling

Plain Talk for a New Generation
Comments from ASTM President Jim Thomas

Pole Vaulting Standards
Low-Slope Roofing
Sulfur in Diesel Fuel
DOE Cites ASTM Standards
Cellulosic Fiber Insulation
Insulation Boards
Loose-Fill Insulation
Risk-Based Site Remediation
Furniture Tipover
Packaging Instrumentation
Radiographic Imaging of Concrete

Global Notebook:
News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

Letters to the Editor

People--Member Profile: Zdenek Hejzlar

Calendar of ASTM Meetings

Approved ASTM Standards Actions

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In two feature articles on testing and standards, we learn about the 25-year history of the ASTM Test Monitoring Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., and the need for internationally accepted standards and their effect on manufacturers and certifying organizations.