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ASTM Announces Technical Papers Online

The first individual papers from ASTM’s Technical Papers Online Program are now available. This program will make papers available well in advance of the printed publication. Papers scheduled for Special Technical Publication (STP) 1413, Mechanical Properties of Structural Films, are the first individual papers available for downloading. The Technical Papers Online Program will include other papers scheduled to appear in future publications such as ASTM STPs, journals, manuals, and more.

Standards Engineering Society Conference

The Standards Engineering Society will hold its 50th annual conference on Aug. 13-14 in Denver, Colo. The theme of this year’s conference is 2001: A Standards Odyssey—A Journey into the Future, featuring a keynote address by Jay Jordan, president and CEO of OCLC–Online Computer Library Center Inc. Sessions include: The Future of the Standards Professional,, Meeting User Needs—An SDO Challenge, Standards @ the Speed of Business, and more. Contact: H. Glenn Ziegenfuss, Executive Director, SES, Miami, Fla. (phone: 305/971-4798).

Defense Standardization Award

The U.S. Department of Defense has presented a 2000 Honorary Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Achievement Award to the Specifications Development Team of the Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia, Pa., who successfully converted 868 military specifications to voluntary consensus standards. Their work is estimated to have saved the DoD and taxpayers $32 million. Each year, the DoD recognizes the achievements of standards developers for outstanding performance in the implementation of the DSP. The DSP is linked to MilSpec Reform, which has deactivated obsolete government standards and, with the help of the private sector, including ASTM, converted military specifications to voluntary consensus standards. During the past six years, 3,500 standards documents have been replaced by voluntary consensus standards, opening up numerous opportunities for the commercial industry to bid on defense contracts.

Oil History Symposium and Publication

The Drake Well Foundation will hold a symposium in Oil City and Titusville, Pa., June 20-23, on the History of the Oil Industry. (June 20 is registration and social event; sessions begin June 21.) Papers on aspects of the history of the oil industry, upstream and downstream, will be presented in three half-day sessions. Contact: William Brice, Chairman DWF Symposium, Geology and Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh–Johnstown, Johnstown, Pa. 15904 (phone: 814/269-2942). In addition, the Drake Well Foundation is announcing a new publication, Oil-Industry History. The Foundation welcomes original papers related to the history of the oil industry. To submit papers or for subscriptions, contact: Drake Well Foundation, P.O. Box 233, Titusville, PA 16354.

Track Polymer Prices provides weekly listings of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, polypropylene, PVC, and PET contract prices as well as news items on the polymer industry.

ANSI Board Ad Hoc Committee on Standards Awareness and Education

An American National Standards Institute Board ad hoc committee on standards awareness and education will be formed to oversee implementation of Goal 11 of the National Standards Strategy. Goal 11 is to make the value of standards development both apparent and real by educating public and private sector decision-makers about the value of standards and how to take advantage of the process. Dr. William E. Kelly, dean of the Catholic University of America’s School of Engineering, has agreed to chair the committee. Its activities will include identifying educational needs, target audiences, learning objectives, recommended delivery methods, and appropriate funding mechanisms. ANSI members are invited to participate in this new endeavor. Contact: Pamela Suett, ANSI Director of Education and Training/Meetings Management (phone: 212-642-4976).

Particle Size Guide

The first in a new publication series, the NIST Recommended Practice Guide: Particle Size Characterization, will help industrial and academic laboratories measure particle size and size distribution of ceramic powders in a more reliable and reproducible way. Designed for the general user, the guide includes aspects of particle characterization research conducted by NIST for well over a decade. The guide covers some techniques commonly used in the ceramics manufacturing industry, such as microscopy, sieving, gravitational sedimentation and laser light diffraction. To purchase, contact Carolyn Sladic (phone: 301/975-6119). For more information on NIST particle research contact Ajit Jillavenkatesa (phone: 301/975-5089).

Medical Explants

The National Institutes of Health’s Technology Assessment Conference on “Improving Medical Implant Performance Through Retrieval Information: Challenges and Opportunities” is available on the NIH Consensus Program Web site. The report investigates such issues as patient, health care provider, and societal expectations of medical implants; legal, ethical, religious, cultural, public policy, and economic barriers to implant retrieval and reporting; evaluation and improvement of implant and material performance and device design; the role of information data systems in educating the public, medical community, and policymakers about medical implants; and ensuring continuing advances in implantable devices. //

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