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 July 2007
ASTM International News

Technical Assistance Program Provides Fuel Workshop in Jordan

ASTM International, in cooperation with the Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology, conducted a training course in fuel technology May 8-10 in Jordan. The course, which was hosted by the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, was attended by 31 participants from the following public and private organizations:

• Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company;
• Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology;
• Jordan Armed Forces;
• Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources;
• Royal Scientific Society;
• Natural Resources Authority;
• Jordan Modern Fuel and Services;
• Jordan University; and

Participants listen to a presentation during the recent technical assistance program in Jordan.

The course was conducted by Salvatore Rand, second vice chairman of ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants. Participants discussed with Rand some of the issues concerning fuel control, production, distribution and testing that are currently facing the Jordanian market.

Because Jordan is, for the time being, switching from leaded to unleaded gasoline, an important discussion topic was the advantages and disadvantages of using methyl tertiary-butyl ether and/or ethanol as an alternative to tetraethyl lead, which is currently being used to produce leaded gas in Jordan.

In addition to these discussions, the training course covered fuel combustion, octane number, volatility, distillation, vapor pressure and many other topics. Participants ended the training with an open discussion about the future plans of fuels in Jordan with Rand; Osama Melhem, director of the metrology department at the Jordan Institute for Standards and Metrology; and Zaid El-Kaied, director of fuel distribution, Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company.

For more information on the technical assistance training program, contact Jessica Hychalk, manager, global cooperation (phone: 610/832-9693), or visit on the ASTM International Web site. //

Television Scientists Have Way Too Much Fun Using ASTM Standard to Test Vacuum Cleaners

Two laboratory testers who clearly enjoy their work invoke ASTM standard F 608, Test Method for Evaluation of Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness of Household/Commercial Vacuum Cleaners, in a recent television commercial. In the ad, which was created for Hoover, the lab workers imagine that a pile of phosphorescent dirt on a carpet in the darkened lab is the entire universe being sucked into a black hole (i.e., the vacuum cleaner).

As it happens, Subcommittee F11.21 on Cleanability, part of ASTM International Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners, is in the process of revising F 608 and welcomes the participation of anyone who would like to make work even more fun for the test lab guys shown above and others like them throughout the world. Interested parties can contact Brynn Iwanowski (phone: 610/832-9640; for more information. //

Ordonez Participates in Trade Show with IHS

Luis Ordonez, ASTM International’s Mexico representative, participated with IHS, a comprehensive source of hard-copy technical, government and military standards, in a trade show directed toward the educational and technical publications community of Mexico. Representatives from universities and technical colleges, as well as suppliers of technical information, attended the event. The educational system of Mexico has recently reached a subscription agreement with IHS to obtain ASTM International standards.