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From the Editor's Desk: Mining a Committee’s History
by Maryann Gorman

Feature: ASTM Committee D05 on Coal and Coke: Celebrating 100 Years of Service to the Coal Industry
by Louis C.G. Janke, James A. Luppens, and Ronald D. Graham

Feature: Undergraduate Research Experiences and ASTM Committee D05 on Coal and Coke
by John T. Riley

Feature: Testing for Fungal Growth in Building Products: A Collaborative Effort
by Pamela Hargrove

Feature: The CNIS Mission: China’s National Standardization Strategies and Cooperation Between CNIS and ASTM
by Zheng Weihua

Feature: SIS: Accelerating Chinese Economic Development While Embracing the Global Market
by Shu Wen Hua

Inside ASTM: Varying Views on Standardization and the Global Marketplace Voiced at Berlin Workshop
by Barbara Schindler

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Cover Story

ASTM Committee D05 on Coal and Coke celebrates its centennial.

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