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Open Invitation to Discuss Optical Fiber Issues in Baltimore

ASTM Committee F36 on Technology and Underground Utilities welcomes individuals to discuss possible standardization for optical fiber to the home (FTTX) and water line rehabilitation on July 13, 3-5 p.m. during F36 meetings at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Maryland.

The committee is meeting in conjunction with the ASCE Pipelines Conference 2003. For meeting logistics, consult the ASCE Web site. For an agenda of the July 13 meeting and to reserve a spot, contact Daniel Schultz, manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International (phone: 610/832-9716).

Committee F36 has four areas of focus:

• Deployment of optical fiber in sewers;
• Rehabilitation of sewers using chemical grouting techniques;
• Design and modeling of water
conveyance systems for seismic events; and
• Deployment of optical fiber in gas mains.

The committee has several proposed documents nearing completion: a Standard Practice for the Selection of Gravity Sewers Suitable for Installation of Fiber Optic Cable; a Standard Practice for the Rehabilitation of Sewers Using Chemical Grouting; a Standard Practice for the Selection of Gas Pipelines Suitable for Installation of Fiber Optic Cable; and others. The committee recently completed a proposed Standard Guide for Safety, Access Rights, Construction, Liability and Risk Management, which is currently on ASTM ballot.

Committee F36 has continued to expand its activities since its inception in 2001. Last year, it added a new Subcommittee on Deployment of Optical Fiber Systems in Natural Gas Pipelines. The July 13 Baltimore meeting presents an opportunity to discuss subcommittee issues which might be resolved through standardization, such as: fiber to the home to complete the first mile of optical fiber cable; and the in-situ rehabilitation of water lines. The subcommittee invites participation from technology providers, utility contractors and owners, telecommunications companies, regulatory agencies, consulting engineers, and the ultimate end users— the general public.

Direct general questions to Committee F36 chairman Jey Jeyapalan, Ph.D., P.E., (phone: 860/354-7299). For FTTX and water line rehabilitation issues, contact Mark Smith or Daniel Schultz. //

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