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New Edition: Significance of Testing for Petroleum Products, 7th Edition

NEW! Fuels and Lubricants Handbook: Technology, Properties, Performance, and Testing

NEW! Fuel and Fuel System Microbiology
Fundamentals, Diagnosis, and Contamination Control

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From the Editor's Desk: Making a Hard Job Easier
by Maryann Gorman

Feature: NASA’s Technical Standards Program
by Paul S. Gill

Feature: Federal, State, and Local Property Transfer Efforts
by Ian Smith, Keith Muhlestein, Abigail Power, and Debra Tellez

Feature: Development of Standards for Evaluating the Importance of Contaminants in the Environment
by Timothy J. Canfield and Christopher G. Ingersoll

Feature: The U.S. FDA’s Involvement in the Development and Utilization of D11.40’s Standards on Rubber Consumer Products
by Chiu S. Lin, Ph.D., and Carol Herman

Feature: Fighting Fire with Fire
by Lori Kubinski

Inside ASTM: The New Journal of ASTM International
by Roger Stoller

HowTo: How to Increase U.S. Government Participation in ASTM Standards Development Activities
by Jeff Adkins

Word from the Chairman
by Wayne N. Holliday

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Cover Story

This month’s feature section describes some of the many successful partnerships between U.S. government regulatory agencies and ASTM technical committees.

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