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Lock It Right with Hasps Graded in ASTM F 2155

A task group of ASTM Committee F12 on Security Systems and Equipment has developed a standard specification for hasps, the name for hardware that holds padlocks to doors.

New this year, F 2155, Standard Specification for Performance of Hasps and Other Attachment Devices for Padlocks or Seals, describes the many components of hasp attachment devices. It also grades the hardware’s performance, providing a selection criteria for users.

“A padlock and a hasp have to work together,” says Joe Hugo, F12 manager. The task group created F 2155 as a companion to ASTM F 883, Standard Performance Specification for Padlocks. “Historically, complete combinations of security elements have been tested as a whole to assure success,” says committee member Robert W. Loughlin of Stanton, N.J. “These two standards used together provide the user a basis from which to select appropriate hardware,” he adds. “Both standards are intended for use in the general marketplace for security hardware.”

The specification does not include criteria for specialty hasps used by the Department of Defense or other highly sensitive applications.

Loughlin assisted in the development of both standards with Edward Saladin, product engineer, American Lock Co., Crete, Ill. Input into the development of Committee F12 standards has included engineers in product development, design, testing, and manufacturing; representatives of sales, marketing, and consulting; laboratories; trade associations; the U.S. Department of Defense; locks, padlocks, and hasps manufacturing managers; and others.

Direct technical questions to Robert W. Loughlin, Stanton, N.J. (phone: 908/236-7579) or Edward Saladin, American Lock Co., Crete, Ill. (phone: 708/534-2000, ext. 264). Committee F12 meets Oct. 15-16 in Norfolk, Va. For meeting or membership details, contact Joe Hugo, manager of F12, Technical Committee Operations (610/832-9740). //

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