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Environmental Acoustics Committee Seeks Feedback From Users of ASTM E 1265

Standard Test Method for Measuring Insertion Loss of Pneumatic Exhaust Silencers

ASTM Committee E33 on Environmental Acoustics asks users of ASTM E 1265, Standard Test Method for Measuring Insertion Loss of Pneumatic Exhaust Silencers, to contact Howard Kingsbury to discuss the prospect of dropping the standard from ASTM publication. If users find the document valuable, the committee welcomes their cooperation in a review of the standard, says Kingsbury, chairman of Subcommittee E33.08 on Mechanical and Electrical System Noise which developed the test method in 1990.

Last reviewed in 1995, E 1265 covers the laboratory measurement of the acoustical and mechanical performance of pneumatic exhaust silencers designed for quieting compressed gas (usually air) exhausts from orifices connected to pipe sizes up to 3/4 in. nominal pipe size (20 mm. nominal dimension). This test method is not applicable for exhausts performing useful work, such as part-conveying, ejection, or cleaning. It evaluates acoustical performance using A-weighted sound level measurements.

Direct comments to Howard Kingsbury, State College, Pa. (phone: 814/238-9688). Committee E33 meets Oct. 14-15 in Norfolk, Va. For meeting or membership details, contact Steve Mawn, manager, ASTM Technical Committee Operations (phone: 610/832-9726). //

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