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ASTM International Directory of Testing Laboratories
Published 2000; Soft Cover; $69 North America, $76 Elsewhere

2000-2001 ASTM Directory of Scientific and Technical Consultants and Expert Witnesses
Published 2000; Soft Cover; $40 North America, $44 Elsewhere

Nuclear Monograph 3, High-Chromium Ferritic and Martensitic Steels for Nuclear Applications
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $185 North America, $204 Elsewhere

Forensic Sciences Monograph 4, Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles: A Guide to the Concepts and Formats of Computer Data in Vehicle Safety and Control Systems
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $75 North America, $83 Elsewhere

Fracture and Fatigue, STP 1323, Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain and Damage in Materials and Structures; Second Volume
Published 2001; Soft Cover; $75 North America,
$83 Elsewhere
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Insight: Standards with a Long Reach
by Tom O'Toole

Feature: Metal Analysis: The Law and Credibility
by Charles K. Deak

Feature: The Development of In-House Reference Materials in the Specialty Alloy Industry
by Thomas R. Dulski

Feature: Using Proficiency Test Data to Set Uncertainty Budgets for Test Methods
by Dean Flinchbaugh

Tech News

Environmental Costs and Liabilities
Gaskets for Petrochemical and Heavy Automotive Uses
Treated Cementitious Panels
Thermal Performance of Fabrics
Moveable Soccer Goals
Concrete Standards and Industry
Waterproofing Systems
Quality and Statistics

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News of the ASTM Board

Global Notebook:
News on Standardization Around the Nation and the World

Award: Laing and Spivak Receive ASTM's W.T. Cavanaugh Memorial Award

People--Member Profile: Mary Ann Worthington

Calendar of ASTM Meetings

Approved ASTM Standards Actions

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The feature articles in this month’s issue were first presented in March at PITTCON, the annual Pittsburgh Conference on laboratory disciplines. Presenters from ASTM discussed activities and research regarding the chemical analysis of metals, which is standardized by Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials.