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Gaskets Task Force Invites International Participation

A new FEA (finite element analysis) Task Force in ASTM Committee F03 on Gaskets will investigate standards development related to FEA for soft gasket material and molded rubber. The driving force behind the group is to advance the science of gasketing internationally for those involved with the selection, behavior, and service-life prediction of these gaskets. Chaired by F03 member Pete Petrunich, Fluid Sealing Association, Wayne, Pa., the group is part of Planning Subcommittee F03.95.

All are invited to the next planning session, Oct. 23, Dallas, Texas, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during ASTM Committee Week. Participation by test-lab technicians, engineers, analysts, producers, users, and those involved with gasket behavior and service-life prediction is sought. Non-members are encouraged to attend; the agenda will include reports, discussions, possible presentations, and progress for the preparation of meaningful standards. Those wishing to give presentations must submit titles and abstracts by Sept. 1.

Projected activities of the FEA group include property analysis of compressive strength relaxation, time and temperature dependency, coefficient of friction, cyclic loading, and perhaps biaxial extension. Other dynamic properties such as complex non-linear descriptions of behavior will be examined to ultimately determine appropriate boundary conditions in support of FEA for non- hyperelastic materials; the role of F03 will involve material properties. These activities will furnish the transportation and industrial sectors served by Committee F03 by illustrating weaknesses in applications and signaling what subsequent improvements should be made.

As technical services director of the Fluid Sealing Association, task force chairman Petrunich has ties to FSA members representing 85 percent of the manufacturing capacity for fluid sealing devices in North America, and companies in South America, Europe, and Asia. ASTM Committee F03, in concert with the FSA, seeks to expand the optimum use of fluid sealing devices through the use and acceptance of F03 standards worldwide.

“By encouraging international participation in the writing of gasket standards, F03 recognizes gains of a higher quality level document with an enhanced technical benefit,” said F03 recording secretary Mike T. Passarella, president of MTP and Associates, a specialty consultant for the gasket/ seals, composites, plastics, and adhesive industries. “We create in effect, world-class documents through international consensus,” he concluded.

For further technical details, contact Mike T. Passarella, Columbus, Ohio (phone: 614/ 459-5104). Committee F03 meets Oct. 23-25 in Dallas, Texas. For membership or meeting information, contact Staff Manager Jim Olshefsky, ASTM (phone: 610/ 832-9714). //

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