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New Subcommittee on Wet Blue Stock Invites Participation
New Subcommittee D31.02 on Wet Blue Stock recently formed within Committee D31 on Leather to develop testing procedures for the performance and manufacture of wet blue. At this juncture, tanners, chemical suppliers, and leather-industry chemists are members of the new subcommittee; interested parties are invited to join.

“Wet blue is the process of converting raw hides and skins to tanned leather using chromium salts,” says Subcommittee Chairman Adel Hanna, a chemist who is vice president and general manager of Elementis LTP, Milwaukee, Wis.

“The hide becomes blue when chromium salts are added,” he explains. “The trade terminology ‘wet blue’ means the hide is free of hair and it’s tanned. The hide is wet at that stage. Tanners buy wet blue stock to produce several types of products such as shoes, garments, leather, and upholstery.”

Contact Adel Hanna, Elements LTP, 546 South Water St., Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414/ 278-8844). For Committee D31 meeting or membership information, contact manager Tim Brooke, ASTM (610/ 832-9729). //

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