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January/February 2011

Resource Management

A new ASTM International standard addresses the most effective ways to manage resources when disaster strikes.

The new standard, E2640, Guide for Resource Management in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, was developed by Subcommittee E54.02 on Emergency Preparedness, Training and Procedures. The subcommittee is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications.

“E2640 was developed to increase awareness and offer guidance to the responder community in the area of resource management,” says Robert Stenner, Ph.D., and chairman, E54.02. “E2640 is intended to offer guidance on concepts of what should be included as part of a resource management program. It is intended to complement existing plans, policies and procedures of the responder community.”

According to Stenner, E2640 focuses on common terminology and the seven common essential elements of resource management:

  • Planning and procedures,
  • Resource needs assessment,
  • Specific resources,
  • Necessary resource agreements,
  • Inventory process,
  • Maintenance of resources and
  • Information systems.

Now that E2640 has been approved and published, E54.02 is developing a proposed new standard, WK24630, Guide for Credentialing for Access to a Disaster Scene. All interested parties are invited to participate in the development of WK24630, which will address credentialing needs from a practical user perspective.


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