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January/February 2010

Smart Grid Project Under Way

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, is developing the framework for a nationwide, interoperable smart grid to run the U.S. electric power system. According to the recent NIST report related to the smart grid interoperability project, some 80 initial standards have been identified that will help enable the devices and systems that comprise the smart grid to work. To learn more, click here.


Senate Confirms Gallagher as NIST Director

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Patrick Gallagher, Ph.D., as the 14th director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Gallagher started at NIST in 1993; he initially researched neutron and X-ray instrumentation with accompanying studies of the properties of materials such as polymers, liquids and gels. In 2004, Gallagher became director of the NIST Center for Neutron Research; he began as NIST deputy director in 2008.


Abstracts Requested for Building Envelope Technology Symposium

RCI Inc. (formerly the Roof Consultants Institute) requests abstracts that will be considered for its 2010 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology. Abstracts of up to 200 words should be submitted to RCI by April 16 for the program, which will be held Nov. 8-9. Click here for more information.


Toy Safety Certification Program Available to Industry

Toy manufacturers and importers can demonstrate compliance with U.S. safety standards by taking advantage of the Toy Safety Certification Program offered by the Toy Industry Association in partnership with the American National Standards Institute. The program enables firms to apply for TSCP product certification under the federal Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. TSCP certification, which includes compliance with ASTM F963, Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety, signifies that manufacturers have performed an analysis of their toy designs to identify and correct safety issues, assessed quality control processes at production facilities and performed the prescribed safety tests on product samples using accredited laboratories. For more information, click here.


Concrete Sustainability Hub Has Been Launched

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Portland Cement Association and the Ready Mixed Concrete Research and Education Foundation, has established a research center called the Concrete Sustainability Hub. The hub has been established with a goal of accelerating breakthroughs in concrete science and engineering that can also address the sustainability and environmental implications of concrete.


AISC Offers Networking and File Sharing Web Site

A steel-related social networking and file sharing Web site is available to designers, engineers and others in the construction industry. The site provides an online community for professionals to network and exchange information in their field. The site includes announcements, blogs, documents and more.