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January/February 2010

Recirculating Hood Systems

The U.S. Department of Defense, as well as architects, mechanical engineers and food service consultants who design commercial kitchens, will be the primary users of a proposed new standard, WK25126, Specification for Recirculating Hood System for Cooking Appliances.

WK25126 is being developed by Subcommittee F26.07 on Commercial Kitchen Ventilation, part of ASTM International Committee F26 on Food Service Equipment.

According to Richard Swierczyna, operations manager, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Laboratory, Architectural Energy Corp., and chairman of Subcommittee F26.07, the inspiration for the proposed standard came from subcommittee members representing the U.S. Department of Defense, who requested that a standard be developed for the consistent design and performance of ventilation equipment in military commissaries.

“WK25126 will maintain minimum safety and manufacturing requirements,” says Swierczyna. “Certain materials are specified, control systems are in place and fire suppression systems required.”

The proposed new standard is being developed in conjunction with a recently approved revision to another F26.07 standard, F2474, Test Method for Heat Gain to Space Performance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation/Appliance Systems.

“The revision to F2474 includes an appendix that evaluates the heat and moisture loading from cooking processes,” says Swierczyna. “The heat and moisture loading from a cooking process under a recirculating hood, as described in WK25126, can be evaluated in the same way. The determination of the loading is critical in sizing the heating, ventilating and air conditioning system for restaurants, arenas and other buildings.”

All interested parties are invited to participate in the standards developing activities of Committee F26.


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