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January/February 2010

Flame Resistant Rainwear

Workers in oil refineries, chemical plants, the natural gas industry and other industries that involve flammable or explosive materials need access to rain gear that is also flame resistant. A new ASTM International standard, F2733, Specification for Flame Resistant Rainwear for Protection Against Flame Hazards, provides minimum requirements for flame resistant rainwear to be used by workers who are exposed to flash fire and other flame hazards.

F2733 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F23.80 on Flame and Thermal, part of Committee F23 Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment.

Safety and purchasing personnel and other employees in the petrochemical industry and other industries that involve flammable or explosive materials will be the primary users of F2733.

“Workers in the industries that will use F2733 often need to work outdoors during weather conditions involving heavy rain and wind, so they have a need for flame resistant rainwear that provides the appropriate protection against their workplace hazards,” says Thomas Neal, principal consultant and president, Neal Associates Ltd., and chairman of Committee F23. “It is expected that most rainwear that meets the requirements of F2733 will also provide protection against hot liquid splash hazards. Flame resistant rainwear that meets F2733 can also be tested to F2701, Test Method for Evaluating Heat Transfer through Materials for Protective Clothing Upon Contact with a Hot Liquid Splash.”

Subcommittee F23.80 encourages participation in its standards developing activities. The subcommittee is currently planning to develop new test methods for determining the electrostatic performance of protective clothing materials and steam hazards, and is especially interested in participation from those with expertise in these areas.


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