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January/February 2009

Fixation Devices

The use of tracheal tubes is necessary in many medical situations, and now a new ASTM International standard covers basic safety and essential performance requirements for fixation devices for tracheal tubes. The new standard, F2726, Specification for Fixation Devices for Tracheal Tubes and Other Airway Devices, was developed by Subcommittee F29.12 on Airways, Bronchoscopes and Laryngoscopes, part of ASTM International Committee F29 on Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment.

Susan Dorsch is an F29 member and co-author (along with her husband, Jerry) of the textbook, Understanding Anesthesia Equipment. She says research for the latest edition of the book led to research on the hazards of intubation. From this information, Subcommittee F29.12 decided to pursue the development of a standard that covers safety and performance requirements for fixation devices designed to be attached to the head, face or mouth of a patient and equipped with a means to secure and stabilize a tracheal tube or other airway device in its intended position.


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