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January/February 2009


A proposed new standard that will allow for the joining of copper and plastic piping materials is currently being developed by ASTM International Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems. The proposed standard, WK21656, Specification for Structural Adhesive for Bonding Similar and Dissimilar Piping Materials, is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F17.20 on Joining.

“WK21656 is the result of a wide-open pursuit of a unique and alternative joining methodology,” says Jack Roach, fittings manager, Mueller Industries Inc., and an F17 member. Many alternatives were considered, but structural adhesives floated to the top in terms of performance potential.” Roach also notes that structural adhesives are used for bonding in demanding industries such as aerospace and automotive, but that there are no popular consensus standards currently in place for their use in piping systems.

Roach believes that WK21656 will allow field personnel to work more efficiently and will provide another tool for joining dissimilar materials, which has proven to be a source of past frustration. Producers of plumbing products and adhesive manufacturers would be the primary users of WK21656.


Technical Information: Jack Roach, Mueller Industries Inc., Portage, Mich.

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