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January/February 2009

Flange Dimensions

No industry standard currently exists that addresses the vacuum sealing requirements of knife-edged flanges for high vacuum applications. Existing international standards focus on interchangeability of the hardware, but do not address the reliability of the seal. ASTM International Committee E42 on Surface Analysis is now working on a proposed standard on the subject, WK21206, Specification for Dimensions of Knife-Edge Flanges. The proposed standard is being developed by Subcommittee E42.13 on Vacuum Technology.

“Since there is no consensus standard for the appropriate dimensions of flanges, the users either do not specify dimensions and leave the possibility that the product is not suited for high vacuum application or they develop their own specification, which may not conform to manufacturing norms,” says Stuart Tison, vice president, business development, Entegris Inc., and chair of E42.13. “Both scenarios ultimately result in higher cost for the end user.” Tison says that the proposed standard will allow for consistency between manufacturing that would enable interchangeability of hardware and would also capture best practices and result in the best performing seal.

Primary users of the standard will be the electronics, aerospace and research industries. In addition, manufacturers of vacuum hardware will use the standard to comply with industry norms. Participation is welcome in the ongoing development of WK21206, particularly from potential users of the proposed standard.


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