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January/February 2009

Data Measurement

Analysts in laboratories that use regression-based methods to determine uncertainty in data and customers who request such measurements will be the primary users of a new standard recently approved by ASTM International Committee D19 on Water. D7366, Practice for Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty for Data from Regression-Based Methods, was developed by Subcommittee D19.02 on Quality Systems, Specification and Statistics.

According to Lynn Vanatta, chair of the measurement uncertainty task group within D19.02, and manager of ion-chromatography research and statistics at Air Liquide Balazs Analytical Services, D7366 fills a gap in the metrology standards arena. “While measurement uncertainty is becoming more and more of a concern and while there are documents that address the calculation of this quantity, the focus has been on measurements that do not involve regression,” says Vanatta. The more involved statistical approach of regression is needed when instrumental responses such as peak area or absorbency have to be transformed into useful units, such as concentration. “D7366 provides a statistically sound method to calculate the overall uncertainty in data from such analytical methods,” says Vanatta.

All interested parties are invited to join in the standards developing activities of Subcommittee D19.02.


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