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January/February 2009

Mechanical Sampling

A new mechanical sampling standard recently approved by ASTM International Committee D05 on Coal and Coke incorporates into one document four other ASTM standards dealing with mechanical samples. The new standard, D7430, Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal, is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D05.23 on Sampling.

Paul Reagan, president, Sampling Associates International, and a D05 member, says that the one important objective of the new standard was to put all pertinent standards regarding mechanical sampling into one document for ease of use. “One impact of the new standard is that any commercial transactions citing ASTM standards for mechanical coal sampling should stipulate ‘D7430, Practice for Mechanical Sampling of Coal,’ and the specific part of the standard as appropriate,” says Reagan.

The following ASTM mechanical sampling standards are now incorporated in D7430 as parts A, B, C and D, respectively:

  • D7256, Practice for Mechanical Collection and Within-System Preparation of a Gross Sample of Coal from Moving Streams;
  • D4916, Practice for Mechanical Auger Sampling;
  • D4702, Practice for Quality Management of Mechanical Coal Sampling Systems; and
  • D6518, Practice for Bias Testing a Mechanical Coal Sampling System.
  • Reagan says that these four standards will be discontinued now that they have become part of D7430.

“A great deal of effort is being expended to improve and update ASTM standards for coal sampling and analysis,” says Reagan. “Changes are being implemented on an ongoing basis.” He suggests that users sign up for customized standard alerts to be notified when selected standards are revised.


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