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January/February 2009

Waterproofing Sealant Joints

Destructive Pull Test

The use of rolling devices can provide a means to evaluate the adhesion of weather seals for quality control in new installations, general evaluation of existing installations and the investigation of water and air leakage through building enclosures. In order to better facilitate the use of rolling devices, ASTM International Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants is developing a proposed new standard, WK21464, Practice for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Adhesion of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints Using a Rolling Device. WK21464 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee C24.30 on Adhesion.

In addition to work on the proposed new standard, C24.30 has revised C1521, Practice for Evaluating Adhesion of Installed Weatherproofing Sealant Joints, to include rolling device technology as a means of sealant adhesion continuity evaluation.

Users of the proposed new standard, as well as the revised C1521, will include sealant manufacturers, installers, architects, engineers and consultants. In addition, task group chair Daniel Huff, technical consultant, True Seal Solutions,says the subcommittee welcomes participation from all interested parties in its ongoing standards development. “This is just the starting point,” says Huff. “New technology and tools can advance the manner in which we perform evaluations and investigations. The goal is a perfect building seal, for both water intrusion and energy loss purposes.”


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