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January/February 2008

NCSCI Questions, ASTM Answers

The National Center for Standards and Certification Information fields questions from industry, the public, other WTO TBT inquiry points and staff at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NCSCI often refers callers to ASTM International standards or to the organization itself. A few examples follow.

Q. What are the requirements for insulated screwdrivers exported from Germany to the U.S.?

A. Refer to F 1505, F 712 and F 1236, and contact ASTM International staff.

Q. What are the safety specifications for infant carriers?

A. Refer to F 2050, F 2088, F 2167 and F 2236, plus check out the work of Subcommittee F15.21 on Infant Carriers, Bouncers and Baby Swings.

Q. What are the equivalent standards to EN 10025, Hot rolled products of structural steels?

A. Check the ASTM Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards.

Q. Is there a U.S. federal color standard for 18 percent gray for photo ID backgrounds?

A. Check D 2616, Test Method for Evaluation of Visual Color Difference With a Gray Scale, and contact ASTM International staff.

Q. What standards exist for child-resistant caps?

A. Among the relevant ASTM International standards are D 7257, D 3810, D 3481, D 3968 and D 3475. Also, contact ASTM International staff.

Q. What standards must my new fitness device meet?

A. Review F 2277, Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Selectorized Strength Equipment.

Q. Is there a standard for labeling, voting systems, forensic evidence and forensic science?

A. Consult E 1459, Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation.

Q. From the World Trade Organization TBT Inquiry Point in Brazil: What technical regulations or conformity assessment procedures apply to shampoos?

A. Consult E 2082, Guide for Descriptive Analysis of Shampoo Performance.

Q. From a caller in Ecuador: Where do I find ASTM International membership information?

A. NCSCI provided contact information for the ASTM International membership department as well as the Web site address.