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Participation Requested for Proposed Asperity Height Standard

January/February 2008

Committee D35 on Geosynthetics

Participation Requested for Proposed Asperity Height Standard


ASTM International Committee D35 on Geosynthetics invites all interested parties to participate in the development of a proposed new standard, WK15082, Specification for Measuring the Asperity Height of Textured Geomembrane. The proposed standard is being developed by Subcommittee D35.10 on Geomembranes.

Although asperity height is specified throughout the geosynthetic industry, a procedure to measure it is not currently covered by an ASTM standard. WK15082 would fill this gap, according to D35.10 member Richard Lacey. “We need everybody to embrace this procedure,” says Lacey, a senior engineer with TRI Environmental.

Lacey says that asperity height has broad implications regarding the interface friction potential of geomembranes. On specific projects, friction resistance can be correlated successfully to asperity height measurements, making this test critical where stability is a concern.

“The subcommittee would like to see participation from regulators, quality assurance engineers and all others whom have recent experience with asperity height measurement and a product conformance crisis,” says Lacey.


Technical Information: Richard Lacey, TRI Environmental, Buena Vista, Pa.

Phone: 412/412-6541

ASTM Staff: Christine Sierk

Phone: 610/832-9728