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July/August 2011

concrete buildingServiceability

Subcommittee E06.21 on Serviceability, part of ASTM International Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings, is currently working on several proposed new standards. These include WK32076, Guide for Installation of Insulating Concrete Forms, and WK32398, Test Method for Measuring Floor Flatness and Pavement Smoothness Using a Straightedge.

Installation of Insulating Concrete Forms

While E2634, Specification for Flat Wall Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Systems, serves the function for material compliance in the ICF industry, the next most critical function is proper installation of ICF systems. In order to facilitate the installation function, E06.21 is developing WK32076, Guide for Installation of Insulating Concrete Forms.

“Once approved, WK32076 will provide ICF contractors with the basic requirements to ensure that products are installed properly so that the end result is a structurally sound concrete wall assembly,” says Sheldon Warman, vice president, engineering and technical solutions, ARXX Corp.

Warman notes that most participants in the development of WK32076 have so far been representatives of ICF manufacturers, but Subcommittee E06.21 hopes to generate wider involvement in the proposed standard’s development, particularly from building officials, contractors, architects and structural engineers.

Flatness of Floors/Smoothness of Pavements

A proposed new standard for measuring floor flatness will combine the traditional manual straightedge approach with more recent data collection techniques such as F-numbers (E1155, Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers) and the Waviness Index (E1486, Test Method for Determining Floor Tolerances Using Waviness, Wheel Path and Levelness Criteria).

According to Carl Ytterberg, the proposed new standard, WK32398, Test Method for Measuring Floor Flatness and Pavement Smoothness Using a Straightedge, marries the simplicity of original straightedge approaches with efficient data gathering and handling techniques. Users will be able to produce straightedge values from the same data they use to produce F-number and waviness indices.

Participation is welcome in the continuing development of WK32398.

“The task group is particularly interested in participants who are regularly involved with straightedge flatness standards,” says Ytterberg. “Additionally, there are other flatness and profile applications that we hope to pursue, including the ongoing refinement of those standards already in place.”


Technical Information: (WK32076) Sheldon Warman, ARXX Corp., Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 905-407-3262

(WK32398) Carl Ytterberg, Ytterberg Scientific Inc., Evergreen, Colo.

Phone: 303-565-1780

ASTM Staff: Stephen Mawn

Phone: 610-832-9726