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July/August 2011

Steel Castings Sampling

A new ASTM International standard covers the inspection requirements agreed upon by the purchaser and producer of steel castings for the sample castings prior to production of an order.

The new standard, A1062, Specification for Steel Castings Sampling, has been developed by Subcommittee A01.18 on Castings, part of ASTM International Committee A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys.

According to Albert Melilli, an independent consulting metallurgical engineer and a member of Committee A01.18, the new standard is notable for its simplicity in facilitating purchaser and user agreement on a sampling plan. Melilli notes that the guidance to inspection processes contained in A1062 will be helpful to both experienced and new users of steel castings.

“A1062 is intended to be simple to use for both the producer and user of steel castings without the addition of increased cost of manufacture on the product,” says Melilli. “It provides a first article inspection plan aimed at ensuring the final product has the desired quality level without the expensive costs associated with verification inspections.”


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